Farming Supplies

Here at Farm & Country Supplies, we offer a wide range of agricultural products for your livestock and farming needs.

Whether it’s crop packaging, animal nutrition, dairy supplies, galvanised gates, feeding equipment or handling equipment, you can be sure we have you covered.

Feed & Handling

Keeping large animals can pose many challenges. From handling to containing, we work with LM Bateman, Ritchie and IAE to ensure we can offer a product and solution for any problem. Enquire further for gates and feeders and exclusive services such as custom barn fitting.

Clothing & Footwear ​

Here at Farm & Country, we appreciate that the hours are often long and tough, we offer an extensive range of clothing that is just as tough and up to the task. Enquire further about everything including coats and fleeces, wellington boots, waterproofs and hi-vis jackets for all weather conditions.

Feed & Animal Nutrition

We understand that a healthy, happy animal is the most important part of success. We work closely with brands such as Britmilk, Scotmin & GLW Feeds to ensure we offer the best quality and nutrition to ensure productivity.

Everything for the Livestock and Farmer

Here at Farm & Country Supplies, we truly believe we are the best choice of supplier for your farm, estate or contractor.

With our product now covering a wide offering of over six thousand different lines, we have all you could ever need and more. Everything from animal feeds, and hygiene to handling equipment, timber and wire fencing through to a range of workwear and boots – we’ve got you covered!

Our brand new showroom not only showcases our farming supplies but also our workers are here to lend friendly, expert advice served with a smile to ensure your needs are met and that you leave satisfied.

Our range of agricultural products has been built up over the past three decades to ensure we always have the product you need; in stock and ready for delivery when you need them.

Give us a call on 01420 83254 to see how we can help.

Why not pay us a visit today?

Visit Our Alton Showroom

In 2015, we opened our brand new 2,500 square foot showroom making us the go-to country store for farm and country supplies in the area.

Our store is based on the outskirts of Alton with great accessibility, directly into the rural hearts of Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex & Berkshire.

Our product offering extending to well over 5000 different lines includes, among others, the following:

  • Animal husbandry

  • Poultry accessories

  • Electric fencing

  • Trailer security

  • Wild bird food and feeders

  • Clothing and wet weather gear

  • Gate furniture

  • Horse Food

  • Pet Food

Our store is based on the outskirts of Alton with great accessibility, directly into the rural hearts of Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex & Berkshire.

Our Promise to You

  • Friendly staff on hand to answer all your questions

  • We will load your car for you

  • Trained staff to fit riding hats

SQP advice on all your worming requirements

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