Equine Supplies

Here at Farm & Country Supplies, we are proud suppliers of a wide range of equestrian products for both horse and pony, the rider themselves and grooming/upkeep.

Our business has always been focused on meeting the growing needs of the equestrian world. We offer both a comprehensive range of high quality feed, bedding and supplements, as well as an increasing range of tack and both rider wear and safety products.

Clothing & tack

Here at Farm & County, we believe your safety is of the highest priority. We stock a wide range of leading brand equestrian clothing and tack including, air jackets, riding hats, body protectors, hi-vis clothing and more!

Stable & Yard

We hold hundred’s of products in stock for use around the yard and in your stable. From barrows and shavings forks to brooms and shovels we have the product to suit your needs.

Feed & Welfare

We work with trusted, popular brands such as Spillers, Heygates, Dodson & Horrell, Allen & Page, Dengie, Marksway, Saracen, Baileys, Topspec and Agrobs to ensure we provide the highest premium quality of horse food, bedding, supplement and pest control.

Everything for the Horse and Rider

Here at Farm & Country, we believe you and your horse’s welfare is the highest priority.

Our equestrian product range focuses on offering the highest quality options for both horse and rider available on the market, ensuring both comfort and safety.

We stock a large range of supplements for nutritional support in horses, including supplements for laminitis and joint mobility.

We have hundreds of products in stock for use in and around the yard and stable. From barrows or shavings forks to brooms and shovels we have the product to suit your needs.

No matter your skills, our onsite staff are here to help you discuss options and offer personal, expert advice in finding the best quality product for you. 

Give us a call on 01420 83254 to see how we can help.

Why not pay us a visit today? 

Visit Our Alton Showroom

Our brand new 2,500 square foot showroom offers a comprehensive range of equestrian products from leading brands at competitive prices and it includes, among others, the following:

  • Food & Haylage 

  • Bedding

  • Licks, Treats & Toys

  • Wormers 

  • Horse tack & Equipment 

  • Clothing and Footwear

Our store is based on the outskirts of Alton with great accessibility, directly into the rural hearts of Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex & Berkshire

Our Promise to You

  • Friendly staff on hand to answer all your questions 

  • We will load your car for you

FETF Funding News

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